Download PDF: Magnolia Gardens (Larch Tree Lane #3) by by Anna Jacobs

At the end of Hawthorn Close there is a fascinating park which boasts two fantastic magnolia timber, and an assortment of homes and devices. Several new occupants are stepping into the neighbourhood and will live in gadgets fronting the park, built and controlled by using a charity for human beings desiring a domestic for a while. Amongst them is Brett, 18, an orphan just out of the foster infant system; Carla, who’s escaping an abusive ex-companion; and Matthew Woodley, a widower whose house had burnt down while he changed into in health center.

From the cottages and farms to the nearby shop, pub and antique manor residence, residents’ lives are set to intertwine, relationships bloom and each romance and heartache lie beforehand.

Category: Fiction

ISBN: 9780749030933

Publisher: Faber Factory

Imprint: Allison & Busby

Pub Date: 21 May 2024

Format: Demy

Package type: HARD BACK

Series number: 3

Subject: Romance

Author: vipin

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