Download [PDF] The Book Of Secrets by Anna Mazzola

The Book Of Secrets by Anna Mazzola

Months after the plague ravaged Rome, men are nonetheless death in unnatural numbers, and rumour has it that their corpses do no longer decay. The Papal government commission lieutenant governor Stefano Bracchi to analyze as subtly as he can.

Meanwhile, to the north of the metropolis, Anna Maria Aldobrandini, Duchess of Cesi, is trapped in an abusive courting with a miles older guy she changed into made to marry whilst she turned into best a girl. Her buddy, Sulpizia Vitelleschi, is in a comparable role, however there is no prospect of divorce or escape. To the south, Cecilia Verzellina fears that, once her jealous son-in-law is released from prison, he’s going to kill her stunning daughter.

Bracci’s research at the Tor di Nona will introduce him to horror, magic and an unthinkable discovery. And he starts offevolved to marvel: ought to positive deeds need to stay all the time unpunished…

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