Read Online The Healer’s Way #3 by Oleg Sapphire, Alexey Kovtunov

Mikhail’s electricity had handiest grown with each new day, and his Family turned into also flourishing. However, so were their enemies. New ones had emerged, and old ones who’d long ago written them off have been now stirring.

But genuinely, became this a problem? He become a healer, and there was usually a treatment, and mandatory “remedy” could not be stopped! Indeed, his enemies might pay handsomely for it. At least, something remained of them…

Format: 363 pages, Kindle Edition
Series: The Healer’s Way (#3)
Expected publication: March 17, 2024 by Magic Dome Books
ISBN: 9788076932739 (ISBN10: 8076932734)
Language: English

Author: vipin

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