What is the best tool to use for skip tracing?

Locating missing persons leverages various public records and proprietary databases accessible through free search engines or paid us skip tracing services. We compare options across accuracy, legality, customization, and cost considerations.

Free Online Search Engines

Public government record indexes provide baseline superficial context while avoiding subscription fees. But limited data and exclusion of crucial private documentation hinder results.


  • State Court Records
  • County Tax Assessors
  • Phone Directories
  • Social Media Networks

Trade Offs

  • Zero cost access
  • Narrow data sets
  • No customization
  • Dubious accuracy

Paid Skip Tracing Services

Robust private data aggregation unlocks billions of interlinked documents across thousands of definitively verified sources at professional grade depth.


  • Credit Reports
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Criminal Histories
  • Utility Subscriptions
  • Insurance Claims

Trade Offs

  • Expensive subscriptions
  • Legal compliance needs
  • Complex system mastery
  • High accuracy

Hybrid Solution Paths

Many novice tracers bootstrap initial public searches before elevating to paid services once preliminary leads narrow target location zones for deep record exploration by veteran professionals.

Focused Outsourcing

After public searching stalls, assign defined outstanding questions to skip tracing contractors for cost-effective precision rather than entire case abdication.


In 2024 skip tracing, the abundance of mass indexed data requires balancing public and proprietary sources based on case context. Evolving search engine algorithms and machine learning analytics will continue expanding free discovery capabilities but legal compliance and result accuracy still justify paid professional services for definitive documentation required by courts.


What are signs a free online search result falls short?

Generic name matches lacking unique identifiable details like middle names, birth dates, former addresses, or relatives likely reflect superficial records not documenting the specific targeted individual.

When should private investigators get involved with paid services?

Where public records and database searching stalls but significant victim financial recoveries remain probable through primary eyewitness field interviews or boots-on-the-ground surveillance provided by licensed private investigators.

What compliance risks come with free social media searches?

Inappropriate utilization of facial recognition systems, impersonation accounts adding friends under false pretense, or extracting photos without consent constitute harassing activity violating platform terms of service.

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