What is the once bitten twice shy theory?

Regency England.
Wallflower Miss Ianthe Templeton has been living in the shadow of her beautiful twin sister, the Beauty of the Season, for as long as she can remember.
There was no queue of suitors at Ianthe’s door, so she had long buried her desire to fall in love and get married.
Until she finds herself seduced by the charming Jason Warwick, Marquess of Wykeham. When he asks her to dance at a ball at the end of the season, it’s as if there is no one else in the room.
But Jason has vowed never to marry again as his disastrous first marriage left him with nothing but a tarnished reputation.
But it’s too late. , , Ianthe has fallen in love with the magnetic Marquess. And her jealous twin will do anything to keep her place in the center of attention.
Can Ianthe and Jason’s love heal her past wounds so they can find a way to be together? Or will the scheming family members succeed in keeping them apart?

Author: vipin

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