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Tasha has usually felt in the shadow of her older sister, Alice. Their life couldn’t be extra specific; Alice is married to rich entrepreneur Kyle and has a high-flying profession, Tasha is married to her early life sweetheart and lives in a Bristol suburb with their 4-yr-vintage twins.

When Alice realises that Tasha is suffering – with money, the youngsters, dropping her identification – she suggests they do a lifeswap for every week. Alice and Kyle will come to stay at Tasha’s terraced residence to look after the twins, at the same time as Tasha and Harry spend the week in Alice and Kyle’s Venice apartment.

But some days in, it all is going extraordinarily wrong. Tasha gets a cellphone name to say Alice is in health facility and Kyle is lifeless after an interloper broke into their house. They assume it ought to were a burglary long past wrong.

Until a note arrives via the letterbox saying It turned into supposed to be you.

Who changed into there that night, and why?
Is it definitely Tasha they may be concentrated on?
And can those two sisters find the solutions they need, or are they approximately to stumble upon something extra sinister?

This Edition

Format: 400 pages, Kindle Edition
Published: March 14, 2024 by Penguin
ISBN: 9781405957625 (ISBN10: 140595762X)
Language: English

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