His Darling Duchess by Catherine Bilson Book Release Date?

In the glittering world of Regency England, the beautiful and accomplished Lady Aurelia Limsey seems destined to find a match as respectable as her status. Nevertheless, a scandalous encounter shattered his prospects, and forced him to make a hasty alliance with Rhys, the staunch Duke of Stowe. Bound by respect, yet strangers at heart, can their marriage of convenience grow into true love?

Rhys, a former soldier turned reluctant duke, is captivated by Aurelia’s grace, yet haunted by his own shadow. As he struggles to navigate his new role and his bride’s mysterious heart, he finds his honor and their future threatened by a past rival. Aurelia, once betrothed, is motivated by vengeance, bent on weakening the fragile bond between the newlyweds.

Amidst society’s relentless gaze and the enemy’s sinister plans, Aurelia and Rhys must confront their misgivings about love, trust, and each other. With their happiness and their lives at risk, will the Duke and Duchess of Stowe emerge unscathed and united? His Lovely Duchess is a closed-door romance film with no explicit sex scenes. Trigger While there are no explicit sex scenes in the book, an attempt was made to sexually assault the heroine and she was threatened with physical harm. Please proceed with caution if these may be triggering for you.

This Edition

Format : 203 pages, Kindle Edition
Published : February 16, 2024 by Shenanigans Press
Language : English

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