Valor of Steele by Carrie Thomas Release Date?

Defeat stings, but victory burns.
Trevor Steele has enjoyed considerable professional success, both as the American Fighting League (AFL) Heavyweight Champion and as the owner of his own gym. But now that he is officially retired from fighting, he is finding it difficult to reconcile with the man he used to be. Enter a rambunctious distraction named Nevi Fuller, who coincidentally is adjusting to a new life herself.

Navy is no stranger to the cage nor to the athletes who fight inside it. She was raised to be a beautiful but silent face behind the AFL, and her father – the league’s CEO – does not support her aspirations of training for her own fight. Nevi has spent her life conforming to the demands of her father who raised her, putting her own dreams on hold to please him. not anymore.

Determined to learn every side of the business before starting a professional women’s league, Newey quit her job with the AFL and left behind her privileged life in California, ready to reach the top of that game. Gone was the one she loved from afar, one time in an uppercut. What she doesn’t expect to find is a burning passion for a man who is committed to helping her get there.

As things heat up inside and outside the cage, Nevi’s new life is put in jeopardy when her father blackmails her, reminding her of the purse strings and all the people who hold power in the world of cage fighting. Faced with a battle in which they are certain to lose, Nevi and Trevor must decide if they are willing to risk defeat to prove that they have a love worth fighting for.

This Edition

Format: 329 pages, Kindle Edition
Published: February 15, 2024
ISBN: 9781957700410 (ISBN10: 1957700416)
Language: English

Author: vipin

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